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And I’m Off

Posting and comments will probably be pretty much nonexistent over the weekend, which for me starts today. I’ll be back on Monday. Have a good, faithful weekend, everyone. Advertisements

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Idle Thoughts Are Also the Devil’s Playthings

So I posted earlier about how I can turn on a dime emotionally. Yeah… maybe reading other blogs about adultery wasn’t such a good use of my time. This just hurts. All of it. I can’t think about what happened … Continue reading

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Sympathy for the Devil

I just want to make something clear with regards to this blog: I’m not looking for sympathy. I cheated and ruined a lot of things in the process. Yes, this has hurt me personally in addition to hurting my wife and … Continue reading

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Constant Reminders

I was chatting with an online acquaintance the other day, when he made a joke about people pretending on Facebook that their lives are great and that they have a wonderful marriage, but later you find that they were having … Continue reading

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Stop the world, I want to get off

I wrote the following a few weeks ago, but didn’t publish it. Everything I said is true, and while I wasn’t suicidal when I wrote it, I was pretty down that day. I’m better now. Getting a good night’s sleep … Continue reading

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How I ruined my life

I suppose there’s no easy way to say this – I had an affair. It wasn’t a particularly spectacular affair as these things go, but it was nonetheless an affair. For a period of a few months, I had both … Continue reading

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First Post

So this is my blog, Isle of a Man. Not particularly clever, but it wasn’t taken and while I hate to disagree with Simon and Garfunkel, sometimes a man is an island. It’s very much a work in progress, just … Continue reading

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