Robin Williams

Wow. Robin Williams.

They say behind every great comedian is some hidden pain that drives them to do what they do. Most had bad childhoods, so they act the clown to compensate. Many have addictions of one type or another.

Apparently he was depressed about the state of his career. This from a man who is unarguably one of the greatest comedians of my lifetime. Couldn’t someone have pointed out to him how much he was loved by his fans and fellow actors? Couldn’t someone have convinced him that he was wrong and that he had something worth living for?

If you’ve read my post Not Helpful, then you know the answer is probably not. The poor guy had been struggling with depression and addiction for some time. He did he math and decided he couldn’t live with his demons any longer.

What a tragic waste.

I got a lot of hugs from my wife last night after she heard the news. There are times when I wish I had gone through with it, but holding my wife last night, I was glad I was alive. Make sure you hug someone today.


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Recovering adulterer and husband of an awesome wife who has given me a second chance. Sinner and Christian, saved by grace alone. I cuss a lot
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6 Responses to Robin Williams

  1. chely5150 says:

    I worry about my husband, especially after hearing about R.W. For some on the brink this could push them away from the edge and other’s may be pushed closer. I agree HUG someone today that needs to know you care.


    • Anonyman says:

      I hope he’s okay. It’s hard to say how the news will hit someone who isn’t thinking clearly.
      When things were really bad in that first week after the revelation, I was ready to kill myself. I had a plan, a note, I had checked the life insurance policy to make sure I wasn’t leaving my family destitute. I was sure everyone would be better off without me – that killing myself would remove the pain I had caused. When my wife finally realized what I was planning, she said as bad as the affair was, killing myself would be so much worse. It changed the equation, at least long enough for me to live another day. I still didn’t want to live, and still don’t at times, but when I realized how much it would hurt my family I knew even if I didn’t know how to make it another day, week or month, I would just keep putting one foot in front of the other.


      • chely5150 says:

        Yes I hope he is okay too. Like your wife said – having him gone would not be better, it would be the worst thing that could happen. I do worry because in the last two years he has lost several people that were close to him (one close friend to sleep apnea that he also has and three long time co-workers) and the fact that once or twice in the past he has mentioned suicide. And then Robin Williams a comedian that he respected and enjoyed – oh shit I’m scaring myself now. Any way thank-you for your responses, I find our conversation helpful.


      • chely5150 says:

        I would imagine that just about everyone has had that thought cross their mind at least once in their lives. But most it is just a fleeting thought, never to being acted upon. Who knows what it is that tips the scales in the wrong direction. Medication for depression can have some very bad side effects like suicidal thoughts. ???????


  2. I still think about suicide and I’m so saddened by R.W. and his choice. I’m not even related to the guy. I requested my husband die so many times and I’m glad he was strong enough to hang on for the kids and not delve into my sickness.

    Sometimes I wonder if he’s really that sorry because he never really went down that path. I think him not having life insurance and a plan to get out without leaving us destitute helped a great deal. Who says procrastination isn’t a good thing.

    God has a plan for us both. While I am not happy I am alive today. There are 4 people counting on me to help them, feed them, and guide their hearts whether they like it or not. So here I am fighting another day. I guess when your in this kind of mindset you can quickly get tired of fighting..


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