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Back to the Same Ol’ Same Old

Yesterday, I had a bit of a bad day. It actually started when I was driving home from the airport. Just being back in the same place where I had the affair seemed oppressive after being away for a week … Continue reading

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The Blob

Ms. Two Cheating Hearts has posted the next part of her affair story here. Her story is hard to read but compelling because I can see so much of my own affair being played out in hers. I find myself … Continue reading

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Hour of the Wolf

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you are recovering from an affair or struggle with depression or you know someone who is. Each of us has a battle we fight every day. It’s the fight against the doubts and … Continue reading

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Diabetes and Depression

I’ve previously mentioned in the comments that I have diabetes, and everyone knows that I suffer with depression (although fortunately I’ve been better lately with only a few dark spots). What you may not know is that the two are … Continue reading

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The Two Sons

I was reading another blog after I got here to the new hotel and it triggered something that is a good follow on to last night’s post on Grace and Mercy. Most people, even nonreligious people, have heard the story … Continue reading

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This and That

Well, I’m about to check out of the hotel and begin the two-day process of getting home. It’s been a pretty good trip. I haven’t written hardly at all, but I’ve done a lot of blogging and reading without distractions. … Continue reading

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The Worst Part of Being Away

The worst part of being away on business trips is coming back. When I was up here in July, I got stuck in an airport and couldn’t get home until much, much later than anticipated. I was frustrated, she was … Continue reading

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