Comment Moderation (Language Warning)

I’m enjoying it today. I’m tired of dealing with the shit, so I’m making liberal use of “Delete Permanently.” You’re damn right I want to permanently delete. My spam and trash cans are minty fresh, bitches.

Edit: I’ve deleted six or seven comments since I posted this four days ago. She’s nothing if not persistent. Sometimes I wonder if I should go ahead and allow her comments so people can see how hateful she is. I’m always surprised when I see bloggers who still allow them. In the end, it’s not worth the attention or aggravation. So another one’s gone…


About Anonyman

Recovering adulterer and husband of an awesome wife who has given me a second chance. Sinner and Christian, saved by grace alone. I cuss a lot
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21 Responses to Comment Moderation (Language Warning)

  1. Anonyman says:

    And another one’s gone…


  2. That’s hilarious minty fresh bitches!

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    • Anonyman says:

      I’m glad you took that in the spirit it was intended. But on a serious note, sometimes I just need to be free of the negativity. I don’t need a new message every time I write a post telling me my wife should leave me because I’m such an awful man. That doesn’t help either of us as individuals and it doesn’t help my marriage. So rather than put up with it or get mad about it, I’m just gonna cheerfully keep my trash and spam folders free of, well, trash and spam. Hang in there, TNHMHP, and keep yourself minty fresh, too.

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      • Wow.. I’m sorry.. that’s crazy.. I don’t have any of that. I suppose because I’m a whiny BS hopping on the train of rage and depression and they are like well I don’t want to be the one that cuts my last hinging thread..

        That’s really sad though because now from what I’ve seen and experienced those who cheat are also hanging on by a thread as well.. and sometimes I see me kicking my husband when he’s down.. and I feel super guilty and sad when I do that.. even if I hate him most days..

        Since I don’t have any trash or spam maybe to keep my mouth free of hate for M when he will want to talk to me today I will stick a whole case of Altoids in my mouth..

        Hard to say mean things when your eyes and tongue are on fire right? 🙂


        • Anonyman says:

          Hey, whatever it takes. 🙂

          You’re right though, there are a lot of us who at times are hanging on by a thread. That’s why even when I think a cheater needs to be more repentant I try to speak the truth in love. I try to do the same thing with betrayed spouses, but it looks different. We’re all struggling in our own ways and we each need forgiveness and grace. Some, obviously, more than others.

          I’m going to ask a hard question here. Have you asked for your husband’s forgiveness when you’ve been not so nice? I know you hate him more often than not, but I think he’s smart enough to understand why. Being honest that you want to want to love and trust him again, but that in your pain and anger you treat him in ways you know are wrong – that would go a long ways towards clearing your guilty conscience. It also might be the thing that helps him hang on by that thread just a bit longer.

          It’s just a suggestion and I hope I haven’t been too presumptuous in offering it. You’re nothing if not honest and I’ve always gotten the impression that you appreciate that in kind, even if you don’t agree. I see the struggle between your anger, you pain, your desire to be safe and your love for your husband, your desire to do what you feel God is asking you to do, and your desire to have a happy marriage again. But I also see God working in your life and in your husband’s life. And that is reason to hope that your struggles will one day cease.

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  3. Not a hard question at all. I have and do sometimes ask M for forgiveness when I threw the chair at him and all the other crazy times in the past 6 months. Although I feel like M in his affair because my anger and rage sometimes I don’t see it coming and then WHAM! BAM! I am in sin again. And I know I will sin again and I don’t care. Which makes me want to ask for forgiveness less and less because I don’t feel I mean it. I know somewhere down the line I will fucking do something crazy.
    I suppose I may be getting better I didn’t send the hate mail today.

    Thank you for questioning that, that’s a great question to ask a follower of Christ and I appreciate it 🙂
    Today I suppose I should because I hate him. I do. I wish I didn’t have to see his face.. but alas he made me a sandwhich a beautiful one! Being the Mom the boy was hungry and I let him eat it.. but it was a gorgeous sandwhich so I did smile at him.


    • Anonyman says:

      Projection Warning: What follows is quite possibly me projecting my thoughts, experiences, and emotions onto your situation. Proceed with caution.

      Right after D-day, I prayed intensively every day. What I prayed for was real, deep repentance for what I had done. I regretted what I had done and I was sorry for hurting my wife, but I wanted to make sure my repentance was deep and lasting. At the time I wasn’t sure if I had truly repented and I didn’t want my “I’m sorry” to be a lie. I didn’t want to simply acknowledge my sin but not fully turn away from it.

      The circumstances are obviously very different (thank God you didn’t cheat on your spouse), but I’m hearing you say some similar things about apologizing but not always feeling apologetic. I hear you recognizing you’ve sinned but not even caring whether you do it again or not. We’ve all been there. We know what is right and we want to want to do the right thing, but it isn’t in our sinful selves.

      Pray about it, I will pray for you, too. The Bible says repentance is a gift from God, and we know there are good gifts that he will not refuse us if we ask with a believing heart. I hope that doesn’t come off as too preachy because I believe that is the truth.

      It sounds like your husband loves you very much. Some love is felt, some love is heard or seen, and some love is experienced. Next time, let him love you by eating his sandwich 🙂

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      • Not preachy at all. Thanks for the prayers I always need them 🙂
        Didn’t seem preachy at all I think we follow the same beliefs that Jesus is truth and we are all sinners..

        Thanks for the tip I thought about retrieving the sandwhich back but the boy almost 12 was like this is the BEST SANDWHICH EVER!!

        He even liked it so much to try and share it with his sister who doesn’t like lettuce, and said you are missing out so she decided to try it.

        I super missed out..

        You might be a better sinner than I am because sometimes I’m like fuck-it.. FLAME ON!! I don’t even want to do the right thing at all..

        Like say right now.. he’s going to bed and I totally don’t care I’m enjoying my blogging land..

        I super hate him and want to tell him… but it’s best not to engage right now. I did say thank you for the sandwhich though


        • Anonyman says:

          It’s not really a competition, but if it were I’d still win. 🙂 If I had a nickel for every time in my life when I’ve been like “fuck it, I’m gonna go ahead and sin because I want to” then I’d have a whole shit load of nickels. (See, I like to intersperse my preaching with a little bit of cussing, just to keep it light)

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