Sorry I haven’t written much lately. I’ve been keeping busy with work while I’m out of town. When I’m not working or talking to my wife, I’ve been pretty busy commenting back and forth to other bloggers.

The writing so far hasn’t happened. I was looking forward to doing that while I’ve been away, but honestly I feel like the commenting has been pretty fulfilling of late. It’s ironic – a few short weeks ago I was talking about how I wasn’t one to comment on other’s blogs because I was too concerned with keeping people at arms length. What I’ve found as I’ve gotten to know a few other bloggers fairly well through their blogs and comments, is that I really like a lot of you and I enjoy talking to you.

I’m hoping for a short day tomorrow, so maybe I’ll have more time to comment/post. If you’re really lucky I might even have something “blog profound” to write aboat. So for now, I bid you adieu and I’ll see you in the morning, eh?


About Anonyman

Recovering adulterer and husband of an awesome wife who has given me a second chance. Sinner and Christian, saved by grace alone. I cuss a lot
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  1. Do you take requests? The grace one you mentioned would be great. Thanks. 🙂

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