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Post 102 – Is This The End?

The last week has been a bit odd between my wife and I. She’s been withdrawing from me. It started slowly, but it’s gotten worse since Friday. I went home at lunch today and we talked. She’s convinced I’m having … Continue reading

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The Ghosts That We Knew – Music

I posted the video below on Wednesday and I’ve been listening to it a lot. I’m okay as long as I don’t really listen to the words, but when I do, well… You saw my pain, washed out in the … Continue reading

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God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

How many times have we as Christians heard that saying? For myself, I’m sure I’ve heard it dozens if not hundreds of times. Yet, I still struggle with it. I was driving in to work today and I was singing … Continue reading

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Group Discussion Time

Nephila posted several responses to my post yesterday. Now, I’m not going to turn this blog over to Nephila or waste my breathe (keystrokes?) on her every rant. However, I think the comment below is a good conversation starter. Hopefully she will … Continue reading

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What If You Knew Me

I was driving around town yesterday, thinking about my blog when a thought entered my head. What would you, dear reader, do if you found out I was your brother? I have a sister. My wife and I have held … Continue reading

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No, I Will Not Shut Up

About a week ago, commenter Open Heart Confessions (OHC) made a comment on “Oh Really?” about betrayed spouses who become bitter and angry and consequently do not heal. She made reference to four bloggers in particular, two of whom I was previously … Continue reading

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Welcome Back

It’s been an interesting weekend. I had Friday through Tuesday off and I used that time to do a lot of work around the house. I’m in the middle of doing some remodeling to one of the rooms of our … Continue reading

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