About Page Revisited

I don’t know if you’ve had a look at my about page, but if you haven’t – don’t. I’m going to rewrite it, hopefully over the weekend. It no longer expresses my current feelings and philosophy for this blog. I could put some slapdash replacement up there now, but I want to take my time on this one. I also want to do a review of my blog and see where I need to update some things. Old posts won’t be deleted, but I will either add updates to old posts or I may write new posts with links to the old ones.

I know some of what I’ve written over these last three months has been hard to read, especially for betrayed spouses. I stand by all of what I’ve written because I’ve always tried to write the truth of what I’m thinking and feeling at the time when I hit “Publish”. Hopefully what has come through is my repentance, remorse, and empathy for both spouses, even as I’ve gone through mixed emotions, depression, and all the rest in my own marriage. I’m getting better, but I think it’s useful for me and for others to see where I began. There is hope in seeing the progress – hope for me and hope for you. Thanks for hanging with me and reading my blog.


About Anonyman

Recovering adulterer and husband of an awesome wife who has given me a second chance. Sinner and Christian, saved by grace alone. I cuss a lot
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4 Responses to About Page Revisited

  1. damagedbytheageof3 says:

    Less is more sometimes.


  2. Yours is one of the few blogs which I actually read. You are on the right track as it is your true feelings. Nobody has walked in your shoes or seen through your eyes. Nobody but god has the right to judge. You judge yourself and you will be judged in the end, as I will. Keep it up. It does help. I am 10 months in on my blog and I have come far as will you.

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  3. I have to redo mine too, the theme had somewhat changed and needs to reflect I am now, difficult to get the right balance.


  4. chely5150 says:

    As a follower, who is also a betrayed, i’ve always enjoyed your blog and writing style even though sometimes it’s
    not the easy to hear the “other”
    point of view.
    For me it’s
    important to be
    able to step
    outside of it all
    and look in from
    perspectives. I don’t
    judge people
    by a group or label. I make my judgements on an individual basis. And where a kind word or helpful suggestion is needed then that’s what i’ll do. Your honest and raw writing tells a great deal about who you are. You made a huge mistake , you acknoledge it, express remorse and share what xxx it’s like trying to get out from under the lingering feelings. I think you should keep on blogging and working on your marriage. Your headed the right direction!

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