Grrrr, WordPress!

In case you haven’t noticed, when you start a post on WordPress and then publish it later, the timestamp on the post is whenever you started writing it. In other words, I could start a post, leave it in drafts, and then finish it next year with the posted on date of today.

*shakes fist at website*

This really sucks because it buries your post below any posts you wrote after you started the draft. This is especially frustrating if a lot of your traffic comes through the blog reader (which displays posts chronologically). I’m not sure what the fix is other than copying your post into a brand new post when you’re ready to publish it. Does anyone have a better workaround?

Edit: Aha! Found it! Go into your dashboard, then click on the Posts menu. Find the post with the wrong published date and edit it. In the right hand bar under Publish, find where it says “Published on:” and some date. Click the blue “Edit” link and then change the date and time to the correct time at which you published the post (or something close) as shown below. Click OK, then click Update and the post will show up in the correct order.



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4 Responses to Grrrr, WordPress!

  1. mndchrls2012 says:

    hmmmm i noticed, alot of the times I have to go back and change them myself.


  2. Btw—For some reason, sometimes I see I have “un-followed” someone who I never intentionally did. Maybe I am scrolling too fast and it’s hitting something? In any case, I have re-followed you. Just don’t want you thinking I add you, then delete you, then re-add you again for no reason!!!


  3. TheValid says:

    Love this post, so interesting! Awesome blog by the way! Check me out!!


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