Breaking: Today Sucks

That’s really all I’ve got. I can’t decide if I want to wake up in the morning and try again like Groundhog Day, or just wake up tomorrow and try to forget today ever happened. I’m just ready for this version of today to be over already.


About Anonyman

Recovering adulterer and husband of an awesome wife who has given me a second chance. Sinner and Christian, saved by grace alone. I cuss a lot
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3 Responses to Breaking: Today Sucks

  1. julesedison says:

    I’m sorry. Been there, done that. Hope you wife is ok.


    • Anonyman says:

      Yeah, we’re good. It was just a frustrating day at work and I’ve had a lot on my mind anyways. Getting back into blogging has awakened some dogs that had been happily sleeping since before Thanksgiving. But coming home to my awesome, loving wife put things back in their proper perspective. 🙂


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