This is my blog. I post here anonymously to protect both the innocent and the guilty. If perchance you should ever put two and two together and figure out who I am, I ask that you respect that.

I’ve stated a couple of places that this is my group therapy. I am writing down my thoughts and emotions as I try to work through the mess I’ve created by having an affair. It’s also more than that. I had an affair for reasons even I’m not clear on, but I know I was not okay emotionally or mentally and I hope to figure out what is wrong with me so I can fix it.

This blog is not a cry for sympathy. I would like the reader’s understanding, but that is different from sympathy.

At the end of the day, this is MY blog. It’s gone very “stream of consciousness” at times as I work through things and write them down. If you’re going to criticize, keep it constructive. I already know I screwed up and I’m owning up to it. If you can’t comment without getting preachy, then please keep your comments to yourself.

Lastly, nothing in this blog should be construed as endorsing infidelity, affairs, or suicide. Cheating is a terrible thing to do to your spouse. It is wrong and it is so not worth it. Not even close.


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  1. I had an affair says:

    Hope you are well, Isle….


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