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Recovery and Reminiscence

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to write. I am feeling a bit depressed, but not half as bad as I would be without the meds. It’s weird how even when I’m not thinking about Rita’s affair, … Continue reading

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Depression Sucks

I’m trying a new medication because the SSRI I was on had some… side-effects that I wasn’t too fond of. It’s not going so well. I’m fully off the SSRI and have been on the new stuff for a month … Continue reading

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Why the Insecurity

TwoCheatingHearts asked in the comments of my previous post why I feel insecure and why I need constant affirmation. I started writing a reply, but the more I wrote and thought, the more I realized this deserves its own post.

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Welcome Back

It’s been an interesting weekend. I had Friday through Tuesday off and I used that time to do a lot of work around the house. I’m in the middle of doing some remodeling to one of the rooms of our … Continue reading

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Do you ever get that feeling in your chest – something between panic and pain? The feeling of depression coming over you? Maybe depression isn’t even the right word. Despair, maybe. It’s not even triggered by something I can point … Continue reading

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Hour of the Wolf

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you are recovering from an affair or struggle with depression or you know someone who is. Each of us has a battle we fight every day. It’s the fight against the doubts and … Continue reading

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Diabetes and Depression

I’ve previously mentioned in the comments that I have diabetes, and everyone knows that I suffer with depression (although fortunately I’ve been better lately with only a few dark spots). What you may not know is that the two are … Continue reading

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