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Group Discussion Time

Nephila posted several responses to my post yesterday. Now, I’m not going to turn this blog over to Nephila or waste my breathe (keystrokes?) on her every rant. However, I think the comment below is a good conversation starter. Hopefully she will … Continue reading

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What If You Knew Me

I was driving around town yesterday, thinking about my blog when a thought entered my head. What would you, dear reader, do if you found out I was your brother? I have a sister. My wife and I have held … Continue reading

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You Don’t Know Me!

I say this to myself in my head whenever someone misjudges me: “You don’t know me!” What I mean is the person in question doesn’t know who I am, what my past is, what my struggles are. They only see … Continue reading

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To Stay Or Go

It’s one of the biggest questions people ask themselves when they are recovering from an affair. “Should I stay or should I go?” People probably ask themselves this question hundreds if not thousands of times in the first year. It’s … Continue reading

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Other Blogs

I wonder sometimes if I should be reading other people’s blogs. They’re a mixed blessing to be sure. When I see people recovering, it gives me hope and makes me happy. But then I read of people’s marriages falling apart, and … Continue reading

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Typical Woman

I don’t really have the heart to write a post with the above title, not even in sarcasm as I intend. If I did, it would be about how all women do this or that. How we men can always … Continue reading

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Temptation and Responsibility

One of the issues I’ve tried to be very clear on is the question of who is to blame for an affair. Or to put it another way, who is responsible for the affair. The answer is: me. I am … Continue reading

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