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No, I Will Not Shut Up

About a week ago, commenter Open Heart Confessions (OHC) made a comment on “Oh Really?” about betrayed spouses who become bitter and angry and consequently do not heal. She made reference to four bloggers in particular, two of whom I was previously … Continue reading

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To Stay Or Go

It’s one of the biggest questions people ask themselves when they are recovering from an affair. “Should I stay or should I go?” People probably ask themselves this question hundreds if not thousands of times in the first year. It’s … Continue reading

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Grace and Mercy – A Betrayer’s View

So I’m actually writing it – the post about grace and mercy. I feel like I’ve talked about it directly and indirectly a lot, but even though I feel like I’m a little talked out on the subject, I still … Continue reading

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Repentance – A Betrayer’s View

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a month since I wrote my post about Forgiveness.  I intended to write a followup within a day or two about repentance, which is obviously closely related to forgiveness. I ended up writing … Continue reading

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